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Should I change milk brand??

Dec 16th, 2016, 19:52 PM   #1
Just a quick one really as I am not sure what to do..DD is 2 weeks old and was breastfed for the first week and has been on Aptimel for a week with anti colic bottles however she brings a lot of it back up when winding and is doing about 10 poos a day!! She feeds fine during the day but when she has her evening feed around 8pm she really struggles with wind and can take hours to settle..my first daughter suffered with evening colic and had reflux so I'm thinking we are going the same way with second daughter however she is tongue tied and is due to see the consultant next week..so I'm just wondering if it's the milk she doesn't like and I should change to a different brand or wait and see if things get better one the tongue tie has been sorted?? It sounds daft but when I am giving her a bottle her stomach makes noises and she often poos whilst being fed as though it's going straight through. My first daughter was fine on Aptimel but I am worried it's too rich for second baby. Thanks xx
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Dec 17th, 2016, 01:39 AM   #2
My lo had tongue tie and really struggled with tummy pain and wind. The stomach noises, colic and reflux could definitely be down to the tie as it affects how they swallow and digest the milk - you should an improvement in this once it's snipped. Aptimel can affect poo though, my lo's nappies were awful on it - really runny and explosive, I know it was the Aptimel as he was trialled on some formulas for milk allergy and he reacted the same to Aptimel Pepti. He was much better on Hipp Organic so for the nappies I would say it's worth trying another milk xx


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Dec 17th, 2016, 01:57 AM   #3
If she's bringing a lot back and pooing lots I'd be checking how much she is taking.
At 2 weeks her stomach should only be capable of holding 2oz of milk at a time.

I realise it's not a popular opinion but I would strongly urge you to consider relactating or getting donor breastmilk for her.

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