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Jan 10th, 2017, 16:44 PM   #31
So glad there is good news Mummy. I know the worry is not over yet. I hope its not too long before you get to take her home.

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Jan 14th, 2017, 18:04 PM   #32
Aah I've just seen this thread after checking our tri3 one numerous times for news of Niamh. So glad to see she's off a ventilator and with her eyes open, it all must have been (and still be) so terrifying for you all. What and little trooper she is. I hope she continues to show them all how strong and brave she is. She's so gorgeous. My first was in neonatal for 5 days when he was born then 10 days on a childrens ward and that was terrifying enough, I can't imagine how you feel. Zachary was taken off to neonatal for tests on the day he was born due to breathing issues and it was like history repeating itself, he was gone about 5 hours and I was terrified it was all happening all over again but thankfully not, I was more ill than he was.

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Jan 16th, 2017, 08:30 AM   #33
Hey ladies,
Been very busy with my 2 beautiful girls so I hadn't been on in a while.. oops!

Mummy I am so sorry about your little one. I'm glad she's on the mend. I wish you all the best of luck and I hope she gets better soon.

I hope all everyone else is okay

My little girl is a month old already.. I can't believe it!
Still EBF. Going really well and Keira is gaining weight like there's no tomorrow!

Got two really good little girls. However Keira is very clingy lol



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Jan 16th, 2017, 19:54 PM   #34
Hey SIB I'm good thanks how are you doing?
Logan is 5weeks tomorrow can't believe how fast it's gone.
Had to change his milk to anti reflux as with first milk he was been sick after every bottle now he's not been sick at all thank goodness. Logan as started to get clingy too yesterday a couldn't put him down without him crying to be picked up bless them. Wondering wen babies start to smile proper Logan tries but ain't done a smile yet xj

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Jan 16th, 2017, 22:24 PM   #35
We're still in PICU but she will hopefully transfer to a ward in the next few days, to say it has been a traumatic experience has been an understatement and feel like I could really do with some counselling now, her stoma is working well and they plan to reverse it some time around Easter. The problem we're having now is she won't take a bottle were not sure if she's forgotten how to suck on the teet or having difficulty swallowing after the ventilator but will keep trying to see if she picks it up, until then they will keep on feeding her through the tube in her nose.

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying your first few weeks with new babies xxx

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Jan 17th, 2017, 00:38 AM   #36
So glad things are improving. I can only imagine how traumatic it's been for you. I'm sure it's going to take a while for her to really recover and even longer for you to recover emotionally but things are moving the right direction at least. Hugs

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