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13 month of sick same time every day...?

Mar 19th, 2016, 09:20 AM   #1
I originally thought it was because she had her 1 year immunisations, but it's just continued. At 4.30 every morning I'm waking up to her vomiting. It's not projectile, she like dry coughs/retches then it all comes spilling out. She's absolutely fine in herself, running around, chatting, giggling, generally causing mischief. She doesn't have a temp or diarrhoea so I don't think it's a bug. The only thing I can think is that the HV told OH the other day she's abit underweight so to introduce another bottle which we've been giving to her when she stirs at 11pm and it's too much for her tummy? Shes on 3 solid meals a day and she has snacks throughout the morning and afternoon with milk and water, i literally cannot get anymore food into this child if I tried! X

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Mar 20th, 2016, 00:49 AM   #2
Sounds like the extra bottle to me, my son throwing back his bottles during the night were a clue for me that he didn't want it ( I was waking him up for it)so I stopped it and it he wasn't sick again. Perhaps try it one night and See What happens. If she's getting three good meals a day and snacks that should be enough
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