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Shortest age gap?

Jan 8th, 2008, 21:31 PM   #1
what is the shortest age gap between babies on here? has anyone got pregnant straight away before having a period?
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Jan 8th, 2008, 21:47 PM   #2
Have you got something to tell us?
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Jan 8th, 2008, 22:26 PM   #3
Arent Dionnes Harley and Dior really super duper close in age???
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Jan 8th, 2008, 22:44 PM   #4
There is a year and 2 weeks between my first and second and the same with my second and third
There is someone else on here whos going to have a really short age gap (i think it rachandjarvis, sorry if its not you or ive got the name wrong lol)
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Jan 9th, 2008, 07:09 AM   #5
Mine have just over 13 and a half months between them, it would of been a bit shorter if Nathan wasn't born late. I know there's quite few on here with similar and even a lot shorter too. I'm sure I remember seeing someone's ticker saying there was only going to be 11 months between babies.
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Jan 9th, 2008, 11:05 AM   #6
i think eblinx has a short age gap. Think about 11 or 12 months
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Jan 9th, 2008, 15:01 PM   #7
There is only 9 1/2 months between me and my sister - for 2 1/2 months every year we are the same age - its made us really close
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Jan 9th, 2008, 21:12 PM   #8
rachelandjarvis her little girl will be 11 months when her next one's born

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Jan 9th, 2008, 21:20 PM   #9
There will be 10 months and 10 days between my two if i go to the due date. my little girl was born on 05/03/07 and my little boy is due on 15/01/08!!!! although it cant come soon enough - i feel as though i have been pregnant forever!!!
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