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Premature birth and suffering PTSD

Nov 20th, 2016, 20:31 PM   #1
Hi. Now this may be a long shot but i thought id give it a go.

So my boy is now a healthy 7 year old. I had him by emergency c section at just 26 weeks pregnant. My waters broke, his heart rate was way down, the doctors couldn't stabilise it so the only option was an emergency c section. He was born and weighed a healthy 2lb 6oz for a baby to be born 14 weeks prem.

I was devastated. My baby boy had been whisked away to SCBU, without me seeing him. It was a good 13 hours before the nurses allowed me to see him.

He spent 10 weeks in special care, luckily he only needed the CPAP to help him breath and not a ventilator (although he was on a ventilator for 24 hours).

My relationship at the time with my sons father was very bad. He only visited his son for the first 2 weeks of his little life and then he decided to make up excuses. We were together and living together but he just lost all interest.

When my boy was finally allowed home, things didnt change with his dad. He wasnt bothered with him, never fed or changed him, never done anything around the house to help me. I was a first time mum, prem baby, bad relationship, it got all too much.

My question for other mums is. Every now and again something in my brain triggers and I get flash backs of the day i had my boy, I start thinking about every little detail. I couldnt keep him safe inside me for long at all, why wasnt I stronger in the relationship etc etc.

I get very upset by this all and im just hoping that im not the only mum that is still suffering with this so many years later.

Looking for any advice to help deal with the trauma.

Thanks xxxx
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Dec 12th, 2016, 09:41 AM   #2
Hi Hun

I'd speak to your health visitor, they can arrange for you to have lots of different types of support including counselling.


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May 20th, 2017, 22:39 PM   #3
Hello i would like to know if you had another child after your son if so was they born term thank you
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