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changing formulas?

Oct 14th, 2014, 08:20 AM   #1
hi ladies,bit of a long post but my basic question is how would go about changing from sma to a different brand? would i have to ween or just stop giving one and start another? i heard you arent supposed to give 2 because babies cant handle it?

my situation is, i have my daughter on sma gold, she suffers bad relux, colic and a bit of constipation every now and then and i have read sma is bad for most of those.
i am a first time mummy and i get a little anxious every now and again. she throws back quite a bit of her milk due to the reflux so gets hungry again very quickly. My family noticed this and told me to put her on hungry baby milk because it was thicker. i refused to do this as i didnt know enough about it. after a few more weeks of my little girl being sick and being generally unsettled and my family nagging me to put her on hungry baby. even though i felt anxious about it i thought i would give it a go. so the past week i have started to give her sma white. she seems fine having the small amount she has but i do not. evry day im looking up what the differences are and why people are so against it. i have now decided to stop giving her it and to never listen to my family. she is my baby and i will do what i see fit in future. im not going to continue giving it to her when i feel bad about it! you must know i didnt do this for the reason of "oh i want her to sleep longer at night". How do i stop giving her it? do i have to ween her back off the bottles i have put her on or can i just stop?
I also want to put her on aptimal as that seems very popular. i know every baby is different but i have resad such bad things on sma. and my last question is, after stopping the hungry baby either by stopping right away or weening her off, should i wait before putting her on another brand?
sorry for the long post, i would really appreciate any advice xx

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Oct 20th, 2014, 12:53 PM   #2
I went to hipp organic, though that's a much thinner milk. Hungry baby doesn't seem to hydrate as well and my boy always been a colicy baby giving him reflux aswel.. The colic doesn't help reflux, so by thickening the milk more if it still comes back up it will be worse for baby to throw up.. And making it thicker will worsen the constipation. Switching milk comes with it's own burdens as little one has to "get used" to being on new milk. Always try a different bottle before changing milk.
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changing, formulas

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