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Concerned lo keeps throwing up breastmilk.

Sep 3rd, 2014, 23:13 PM   #1
Hi just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and knows why it is happening. Every time I breast feed my baby he throws literally it all up, but when I give him formula he doesn't. Really want tp carry on breastfeeding but I can't if this keeps happening
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Sep 4th, 2014, 08:15 AM   #2
I've not got any experience, but maybe reflux? I'm sure I've read that formula is heavier, so not as easy to throw up as breast milk (not sure whether this is actually true though). Maybe try shorter, more frequent breast feeds to see whether taking less at a time helps it stay down, and make sure you keep your baby upright for a while after the feed, to give the milk time to be digested.

I would go to your GP or HV and ask them - but don't let them fob you off with just swapping to formula if that's not what you want to do - there's obviously something not quite right, and they ought to put some effort into finding out what it is.

If your GP/HV aren't helpful then you could try going to a breastfeeding support group if you have one locally, or talking to a lactation consultant - these links might help you find one, but if you have a children's centre near you then they usually have some form of breastfeeding support:

The Breastfeeding Network
Association of Breastfeeding Mothers
La Leche League
Lactation Consultants of Great Britain.

Good luck, I hope you manage to get some answers and find a way to keep breastfeeding

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Sep 4th, 2014, 12:07 PM   #3
Formula is thicker and is more easily to see how baby actually feeds out of a bottle.. Perhaps stuck wind that comes up together with the wind (my little boy still has this) they do tell you so wonderfully in hospital oh breastfed babies don't need winding.... uhm they do! Perhaps even more than we realize! I would deffo speak to a lactation consultant asap they're best for help. Gp's usually refer to Health visitors for feeding advice and HV's don't advice on particular formula or have great knowledge on breast feeding!
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Sep 5th, 2014, 15:27 PM   #4
I had to stop breast feeding because of reflux! My breast milk was too think and Oscar started dropping centiles!

He's now on anti reflux milk and medication for it unfortunatley but hey ho he's healthy that's all that matters

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Sep 5th, 2014, 23:32 PM   #5
I had similar issues with breast feeding, and my supply suffered, after 3 months I ended up trying to combi feed and then switched to formula as it was making such a difference and our lo was being far less sick.

Speaking to someone from the breastfeeding network might be a good start or your health visitor or gp

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