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does anyone have the tommee tippee video/movement monitors?

Jun 11th, 2013, 22:44 PM   #1
Hi ladies

Do any of you have the above monitor? The reason I ask is we own a set of these and have just set them up in our room so we can keep an eye on baby whilst we're not with him. Only problem is we've lost the instructions! We've got the monitors set up so we can see him. But we can't figure out how to set the sensitivity so that we can hear him all the time. At the min its using its power saving mode and only turning the sound on when I significant noise is made.

If any of you lovely ladies have these monitors could you please please have a look at the instructions and tell me how to change the settings so the sound is on all the time.

Thank you xxxx

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Jun 12th, 2013, 13:14 PM   #2
Sometimes companies make user manuals available on their websites...might be worth taking a look to see if you can download a copy?


Alternatively, you could follow the link to their facebook page and drop them a message direct to ask?

Hope that helps xx

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Jun 12th, 2013, 19:29 PM   #3
The button is on the back of the video camera that goes in babies room. It's a sliding one. We've had it set to the highest and it still does the thing where it cuts the sound off. It just changes how loud a sound it needs to make to get the sound back. To be honest I've never read the instructions so don't know how to change it. I'm just happy to see LO and if I want to check I press the button at the bottom of the monitor to get sound.
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