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Baby Monitors

Feb 13th, 2013, 16:30 PM   #1
Just wondered which baby monitor you have?
Are you happy with it? Does it have interference?

Just been looking at them online, when we had dd we had an awful baby monitor but it did the job so it was fine (it was awful in the sense that it made such a noise and had bad interference!).
Ive no idea which one to go for this time round!

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Feb 13th, 2013, 16:47 PM   #2
Angelcare with sensor mat. Love it that much bought a second for my mum's house for when E stays there!

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Feb 13th, 2013, 18:51 PM   #3
Depends what kind you want and what budget you have. We use a BT1000 video monitor and it's fine. Feedback only happens if you hold the handset close up to the camera. I'm happy with it. Cost about 90 quid from Amazon. x

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Feb 13th, 2013, 18:53 PM   #4
Originally Posted by hellywelly View Post
Angelcare with sensor mat. Love it that much bought a second for my mum's house for when E stays there!
Same , the angelcare monitor is amazing , I have had no false alarms either . It's gives me so much peace of mind x

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Feb 13th, 2013, 20:23 PM   #5
We have the Summer infant video monitor. We absolutely love it because Jack never cries when he wakes and this way we can see him. It has great sound too so we hear him rustling about in the morning. We've never had any interference with it. We paid 150 for ours but that's including a second camera for Harry's room when he's old enough to move in there. The cameras switch every 8 seconds so we can see both boys x

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Feb 14th, 2013, 07:44 AM   #6
We have a motorola monitor with video camera, we paid about 90 from amzaon but we got an extra camera as we have 2 children. If you only need the one camera you may find it cheaper?
It's good, clear picture, infared light, no interference (unless you put it right next to the monitor!). We only have a small flat though so cant say how good it is if you are on a different floor. Overall though it does the job x
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Feb 18th, 2013, 15:55 PM   #7
I'm torn between the Angel care with mat and the tommy tippee one with the mat at the minute. Need to do some more looking into both of them

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Feb 26th, 2013, 01:36 AM   #8
I've got the Tommee tippee one with the sensor pad. I brought mine off eBay tho. At a fraction of the price and is excellent.

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Feb 26th, 2013, 19:12 PM   #9
We have a graseby apnoea monitor from the hospital.xx

Tapping x

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