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Another MAM bottles question - steriliser this time!

Feb 4th, 2013, 19:46 PM   #1
Was just wondering which steriliser you use for your MAM bottles? Ive bought the mam microwave one but im really going off the idea of a microwave steriliser thanks to a friend putting ideas into my head!
They dont make a steam one though so im not sure what other one they will fit in!

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Feb 4th, 2013, 20:12 PM   #2
We have Mam anti colic bottles so they're self sterilizing. We just use the microwave for the 3mins +1 for each extra bottles.

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Feb 9th, 2013, 23:47 PM   #3
We have the mam steriliser. I've always had a microwave one.

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Feb 10th, 2013, 00:07 AM   #4
I did just use the Tommee Tippee electirc one I already had, but bought the MAM microwave one when I got a new microwave at Christmas. I like it so much better!!!

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Feb 10th, 2013, 13:41 PM   #5
Don't listen to your friend lol steam is steam and the micro sterilisers work fine. I mentioned to my HV I was using the micro one and she said it was fine and you know how picky HV can be lol xxxx

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Feb 12th, 2013, 10:13 AM   #6
I also have the anti colic MAM bottles and have used them for 8 months by self sterilising TBH if i had to use a steriliser i wouldnt have a clue !! they're so so handy its unbelievable & youve more space too! x

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Feb 12th, 2013, 12:30 PM   #7
Thanks for all your replies! I seem to have answered my own question really - dh got the steriliser out and it doesnt actually fit in our microwave - so that kind of solves that problem haha!

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