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how to ditch the night time nappies?

Jan 13th, 2013, 08:15 AM   #1
hi ladies,

my little boy is 3 1/2, he has been dry in the daytime for well over a year.
but always has a little tinkle whenever he is asleep!

even if fall asleep in the car or something he just seems to pee!

someone said that there child was in night time nappies until they were about 5 yrs old, then the child said, i dont want to wear nappies any more and from then on were dry!

has this ever happened to you?

do i need to let him wet the bed so he realises that he needs to get up and use the toilet now, or do i wait for him to be ready?

the nappy is always full to burst in the morning.

any advice very welcome xx

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Jan 13th, 2013, 09:45 AM   #2
That's a tricky one, usually they say they being dry over night is a sign that they're ready to start potty training. The 2 year old I look after is bone dry at night, so we're starting to introduce the potty. Maybe he does it because he knows he has a nappy on? Maybe one night put him to bed without it and see what happens?

Some people get their child out of bed half asleep, at 11pm ish and sit them on the toilet, until they're able to hold it all night.
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Jan 13th, 2013, 09:52 AM   #3
in having real troubles with my 4 year old I can wake him at 10.30-11.00 to go for a wee before I go to bed but it's pot luck whether he makes it through or not

I went to see the HV about it to see what their advice was and apparently there's a hormone that is released to stopped them from wetting and allows then To go long enough, this production can mature anytime, some later than others sometimes up to 7!!

She said all we can do is wait until he is actually dry himself. I felt bad but it's more common than people admit xxx

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Jan 14th, 2013, 09:33 AM   #4
I wish i had taken the night nappie off when i started the potty training as he would be dry day and night now!

but someone said to me, it takes atleast another 6 months after dry in the day to be dry at night!

Now I dont know when it will happen.

He has just got used to not having to think about whilst he sleeps and i think ive caused a habit that will really hard to break.

(other than wetting the bed every night, and not sure i can cope with that right now!

Thanks ladies!

Yes I do think it is quite a common thing! esp with boys!x

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Jan 14th, 2013, 09:36 AM   #5
My lil girl gave me a sign. she always used to take her nappy off at night. so i started duck taping it. but then i noticed she was dry at night so we just put a potty in her bedroom and she goes b4 she goes to sleep and when she wakes up.
Maybe just try him without a nappy but get water proof sheets. or make it into a good thiing with stickers etc? x

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Jan 16th, 2013, 13:05 PM   #6
As soon as my dd was dry during the day she was dry at night too, but my friend over the road still has her little boy wetting the bed at times and he's almost 6! They take him to the loo before they go to bed at night, they dont really wake him just rouse him enough to get his legs moving and he just has a wee - but sometimes thats not enough to see him through the night!

What about trying pull ups instead of a nappy and taking him to the toilet before you go to bed?

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