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dogs , horse and baby?

Oct 25th, 2012, 10:39 AM   #1

Does anyone here have all 3 and if so how much has it affected your life . Can you still ride as much as you used to?
Can you still walk your dog and have lazy afternoons before going back to the farm?
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Oct 25th, 2012, 14:12 PM   #2
I have 3 horses 2 dogs and a 2 week old baby!

My horse was put out to grass when I was 24 weeks and she will stay out now until the spring. In the spring she will come back into work and I hope to find a sharer as really don't think I will have the time to ride as much as I used to but want to get back into the endurance that I used to do with her. I do however plan on getting back on my other halfs horse next week. I cant wait as have missed riding so much!

I am walking the dogs most afternoons and tend to have lazy mornings. I'm lucky that my other half rides too as he does the horses if baby is keeping me occupied!!

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Oct 29th, 2012, 23:51 PM   #3
I share a horse with my mum and she has to do her 90% of the time either i go down with her and ride while she watchs lo or lo goes to my dad i had to try holding lo whilst holding the horse for the black smith what a bloody nightmare that was . The dogs are ok aslong as you trust them not to pull whilst you push the pram xx

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Nov 1st, 2012, 21:34 PM   #4
I have a horse and did have a dog. The dog had to go though as we didnt have the time and she was too full on around LO. I work aswell and manage to get him ridden a couple of times a week but Id say thats only just got a lot easier now that she is older. When she was younger and a newborn it was a lot lot harder!!!

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Jan 14th, 2013, 17:56 PM   #5
I don't have my horse anymore but still have the dog, mu DH has done all her walks since the wee one has been here but only because I had a section and she is a GSD and can pull too much for the healing wound. Good luck with your horse and your dog I am sure you will manage something my friend used to leave her daughter in the car seat in car with the door open whilst she was grooming and put her in car seat on viewing platform in indoor school whilst riding. Another lady I know used a wrap and wore her baby whilst she mucked out, groomed etc as she owned the stables and that seemed to work well for her x

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Jan 15th, 2013, 11:06 AM   #6
Didn't realise I'd already replied lol

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baby, dogs, horse

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