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Silver cross 3d or silver cross linear freeway??

Jan 29th, 2012, 22:13 PM   #1
Hi ladies,

I am currently torn between these 2 prams. I love the size and how sterdy the linear freeways seems to be as we live on a farm and its ideal for this type of use. But as my OH is going to be working 16 hour days from when LO is about 8 weeks old I am wondering if its hard work as frame and pram have to be taken apart all the time.
With the 3d - i really like this but 2 things worry me. 1, the one in the shop doesnt seem very sterdy (dont know if this because its been a demo for a long time) and 2, the pram liner doesnt seem very big.

So any opinions from mums that have used either of these prams would be greatly appreciated xx

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Jan 29th, 2012, 23:37 PM   #2
sorry can't help, we have the silvercross sleepover, love it but it can be a bit bulky. Its easy to take apart etc... tho, no bother at all to put together, really quick and sturdy, didnt want to read and run

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Jan 29th, 2012, 23:37 PM   #3
I have both of these prams and it depends on the long term as to which one is better. My opinions is yes the 3 pram liner is small but my lo fitted in it till 6 months. The freeway is more solid and my lo seems to be more comfortable in it. But I find the freeway is a bit heavy to push and bulky in the car. I find the 3d is light but still has wayward moments! Also both can easily clip the carseat to so that side of it isn't too much hassle!!

If you have anymore questions feel free. Maybe try a different shop and see what they say and try putting them
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Jan 29th, 2012, 23:49 PM   #4
I've tried both.
MY sister had the linear for my nephew and I had the 3D for my son.
I would have loved the linear if we'd had the space as it was so sturdy and could be used as a pram for longer. LO could also stay parent facing when they didnt want to be laying flat. Its cosy as a pushchair. The 3D was rickety on bumpy ground and the liner is small, which mean using it as a travel system or putting LO forward facing. Saying all that I loved my 3D. x

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Jan 30th, 2012, 09:55 AM   #5
I looked at the 3d and loved it but a lot of reviews suggested the pram liner was on the small side and babies grew out of it too quickly and they had to move to front facing early on

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Jan 31st, 2012, 16:43 PM   #6
I looked at the 3d in mothercare as I want to be able to take baby to the field to do the horses etc the customer service lady pointed out that you can only have baby facing you for about 3 months as the carry cot is very small, I also found it was like pushing the dodgy shopping trolly around Asda ( I found this when I tryed it in babies R us too) I thought the same as you maybe is just because its the one in the shop but if you think about it if it can't last being pushed around a shop how will it manage being pushed around country lanes etc, after speaking to the very nice lady in mothercare she recomended the my3 as they have lots of people from farms and who have horses buy them. I checked online reviews and they all say Brill for on the farm but no good for public transport as its quite wide this isn't a problem for me as i drive. Its also lighter than the 3d i struggled moving that one but this is really quite light. Its a travel system and carry cot is big enough for up to 6 months and pushchair can face towards or away from you. You need to buy car seat seperate it fits the maxi cosi cabrio fix or pebble. They do it in black, Stone, red, lime Green and shocking pink. I know i sound like i work for mother care i promise i don't i just love my pram lol xx

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Jan 31st, 2012, 21:05 PM   #7
Haha, thanks - i also live on a farm so ill have a look. Have decided i reckon ill stick with the linear or something similar for a year or so then swap for a good stroller type thing xx

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Jan 31st, 2012, 21:31 PM   #8
I have the 3D for my LO when he arrives as I just fell in love. Don't live on a farm or in the country though. Obviously haven't used it yet xx

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Feb 1st, 2012, 23:15 PM   #9
I have the 3d also, only had little in the pram part for Agee weeks as got fed up having to set it all up each time, found it heavy to push when used as a travel system, and don't like the fact the buggy I'd only outward facing, so brought a quinny buzz when little one was 3 weeks, the carrycot is much bigger and so much easier to set up, tho I have just sold this and brought an iCandy peach, as it's super light and can convert to a twin! There are so many prams to choose from, I hope you find one that suits your lifestyle x

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Feb 1st, 2012, 23:37 PM   #10
I have the linear freeway & loved it! still use it if we're going for long walks through the woods or along the river, its bulky in the car but other than that its fine love that at 15 months LO can still face me in it. i have got a stroller which i use on a daily basis xx

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Feb 5th, 2012, 22:04 PM   #11
Hey Hun , I have the 3d and I love it and I would definitely recommend the pram. At the minute mothercare have an offer on where you get the silvercross car seat for free ( I paid 115 for the car seat) . Xxx

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Feb 6th, 2012, 00:29 AM   #12
I totally regret getting the 3d. My daughter isn't a long baby but she was too small for the carrycot at 3 months and I wasn't happy about putting her in the pushchair bit so early. Ended up buying a second hand Quinny. I now have a maclaren XT which I love and she's nearly 9 months. I'd advise not going for the 3d, wish I'd taken the bad reviews seriously.
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Feb 6th, 2012, 01:41 AM   #13
I have the linear chassis but the sleepover. It's kinda big, but if def feels a LOT sturdier than the 3D did. Which was what I originally wanted. The girl in the pram mart that we went to said the 3d was a flimsier one. Xxx

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Feb 9th, 2012, 14:13 PM   #14
I have the 3d and love it. It took a while to figure out what people meant by pram liner being too small. I changed it to pushchair when Sophia was 3 months old because she's so damn nosey!! So I don't know how long I could physically could have had her in there for.

We've done so much with this pram, I walk about 4 miles a day with it, and we've had some pretty major holidays, including 10 days in Marrakech, which doesn't have good surfaces and it's doing really well. Last night I thought it was broken, but it turned out the front brake was on, duh!!

I also have to fold it down everyday when we get to nursery, and although tricky at first, once you know how to do it, it's fine. Plus I love that it has 2 handles as I can hang more shopping on it (we don't have a car!), although this does make one-handed steering difficult.

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