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BFP or Evap Lines??

Apr 13th, 2018, 21:09 PM   #1
I was 2 weeks late (which I found weird as I am never late) and when I eventually did bleed it lasted 3 out of my normal 5 days. (It varied from heavy red bleeding with clots to light pink spotting). Aside from that I had been having no PMS symptoms until after the bleeding. I experienced sore breasts, mood swings, mild cramping in my stomach and back, unintentional weight gain, headaches and many more. I have taken 7 hpt's and as you can see, 3 of them have come back with a very faint 'second line'. It's hard to see on the photo but the lines do have some pink color to them and I've heard that evap lines are grey? Surely if they were evap lines they would appear on all of the tests, not only a few of them? I'm also confused as to why some tests are coming back negative and some with these faint lines - is there such thing as a false positive? (It's probably good to add that these lines have appeared hours after the time allowance but I read somewhere that this can happen if HCG levels are low and they are considered positives if the line has color.) I've been TTC for 5 months and this is the first time I've ever thought I was pregnant. I don't want to go spending loads of money on a digitial clearblue test only to find out that I am not pregnant. Any ideas on what those lines could be??
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Apr 13th, 2018, 22:21 PM   #2
Sorry I'm not much help. I didn't want to read and run, frustrates me when you are needing and waiting for a reply but can't get. I see a line in all of those test besides the very bottom one. I have my fingers crossed for you that everything is ok.
Keep us updated and good luck xx
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Apr 13th, 2018, 23:05 PM   #3
Hi, sorry but they look like evaps to me apart from maybe the first one. They do say to discard after 5-10 mins after taking the test so they probably aren’t reliable. I have experienced this with an IC in the past and it can be really upsetting when it turns out to be an evap. I would have thought that if you were pregnant before your short period that by now you would have strong positives, but I supppose the only way to tell is to either keep testing and see if anything develops or ask your gp for blood tests to confirm.
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Apr 13th, 2018, 23:31 PM   #4
Hi Hun, from what I've been reading a period will give you clots but implantation bleeding doesn't. I had 2 negative Evap lines and they were blue in colour not grey. I think evap lines depend on the test don't they so that's why they are not on all tests. They also say to read the test within like 1-2 minutes as anytime after this an evap line will come? From what I'ts very hard and rare to get a false positive. With my blue evap lines, they didn't appear after 2 minutes, they were after about 30 minutes of pulling them out the bin!

Don't want to sound all negative but just thought I'd comment what I've been reading. My period was also 3 days out of the 5. But as you had clots that why it sounds like a period. Sometimes stress can offput your cycle so that could be why you were late? I think what you need to do is go and get a clear blue digital but the one that literally writes if you are pregnant or not? That's what I did and was negative so stopped testing after that as just a waste of money.

Sorry it's all seeming negative from me - I hope I am wrong! Go get that special test and let me know! Also, if you or anyone want to look at my post to help me with my question I'd be greatful good luck x
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Apr 14th, 2018, 09:20 AM   #5
You can definitely get pink evap lines. It tends to happen on tests that have a bit of an indent which the dye settles into. It is unusual to see so many pink evaps in a row but it is possible the tests you are using are prone to them. A positive can sometimes show up after the test time also but you can't really read too much into it unless it's within the test time. You can actually test an evap by washing the test off in water. A positive line is stuck to the antibody strip and doesn't wash off. A pink evap is just dye that has settled and will wash off in water.

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Apr 14th, 2018, 21:06 PM   #6
I would test with a different test! Get something like a frer Or a superdrug Early detection, If they have lines then youre onto a winner Good luck

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