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Mar 6th, 2018, 11:46 AM   #76
Awk that’s so lovely I’m so happy for you GG it’s such a blessing isn’t it. That’s some good tips I must tell my oh that lol
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Mar 6th, 2018, 17:01 PM   #77
Originally Posted by _GG_ View Post
Originally Posted by liz85 View Post
Awe thatís so lovely GG Iíll do exactly that aswell. Iíll embrace it. My husband isnít getting very excited. It seems like we have tried for ages he doesnít want to believe it until he sees the scan for himself. However me on the other hand canít help myself. I didnít think Iíd ever have a baby so Iím all sorts of excited and worry all rolled into one lol
It's just impossible for them to understand. We feel every teeny little change in our bodies. First tri is so rough with tiredness, nausea, cramps, tugging feelings, pains etc. We literally can't forget that our body is doing something. Men have no way to comprehend that so it's much easier for them to carry on as normal until something concrete like a moving baby on a monitor takes away all doubt. Dan couldn't get excited with this one until that early scan. I didn't want to spend the money really but we were both so glad we did. He changed so much that day. We were still very nervous of losing it but he'd been a bit dismissive of my symptoms until I mentioned it to the sonographer and she laughed and told him it's a wonder most women aren't just holed up in bed for the entire 1st tri as our bodies are basically our worst enemy with hormones and preparations for the baby. I remember her saying, "if she's not telling you she's suffering, she is still suffering but can cope. If she tells you though, it's because it's bad and you need to leave her on the sofa and take over everything for a while". Lol. He listened.

I really am so so happy for you.
yes exactly that... my hubby is amazing but they don't just get it... bless them...


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