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anxious and confused :-(

Sep 10th, 2017, 14:09 PM   #1
Hi all. need some input!! normally my cycle is between 28-32 days. I am now on day 37. the longest cycle I have had this year was 36 days but only just the once.
So I ovulated slightly later this cycle and a few days later I started getting my usual pms symtoms (cramping bloating). as I got closer to the day my period is due, those symtoms disappeared??! which is very unusual as they last until days 2/3 of my period. in fact they get worse!!*
I am 5 days late and have been doing the one step pregnancy strip tests everyday and all negative. (got them cheap from Amazon so not sure how good they are!)
I have been pregnant before (last year) but I had sickness and my my breasts felt heavy but I know that no 2 pregnancies are the same.
the only thing I am getting is a sharp shot of pain in my breasts but it's not continuous. and my lower abdomin feels abit tender and I am bloated but no usual pms cramping. I also had sciatica last year which has been playing up the last few weeks? not sure if that's related.

Could I be pregnant? has any of the above happened to anyone before and later got a bfp??

any advice will be appreciated!
thank you xx
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Sep 12th, 2017, 04:23 AM   #2
Try a frer test with fmu

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anxious, confused

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