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copper coil removed period 3 days late negative hpt

Jun 8th, 2017, 16:16 PM   #1
Hi Everyone

so i had the copper coil in for round about 5 years my husband and i have decided its time for baby no2.

my cycle changed from every 28 days on the dot to every 31/32 days my last period was the 6th may and i had my coil removed on the 25th may i took a hpt yesterday and it was negative i have none of my usual symptoms before my period... my boobs feel a bit heavier and i am a bit more tired than normal...

anyone had a similar experience? any advice would be much appreciated thank you x
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Jun 8th, 2017, 16:59 PM   #2
I had had the copper coil in 6 years. Had it removed on 26th sept 2013 at start of my period, had a four day period and immediately got pregnant, but it ended in early miscarriage at around 5-6 weeks. I then immediately got pregnant again (Z the miscarriage bleed effectively being like my period) and again miscarried at 5-6 weeks. I then had three normal cycles of 34 days, 30 days and 28 days and then got pregnant the next month and had my daughter in December 2014. I breast fed, got my periods back around 4 months and in two cycles was pregnant again. Had my son in March 2016, breastfed and got a period the end of November and then had a very long cycle so thought I wasn't fertile and then got pregnant with my third baby due in August!

Hopefully that shows you that you can be very fertile after having a coil in, can conceive straight away and that your cycles might be a bit longer/variable x

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