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Homeopathic Doctor's

Aug 6th, 2018, 12:52 PM   #1
Does anybody have a homeopathic doctor?
Are they worth it? Do they really know their stuff? Does their treatment work etc?
I have never had much faith in our regular doctors and hospitals and over the years I am losing more and more trust in them. From my experience they have never been very helpful and if anything just seem to make problems worse and cause more separate issues.
I am thinking about looking for a homeopathic doctor local to us and just leaving regular medical treatment for emergencies/ if alternative treatment doesn't work etc.
Any experience good or bad would be very helpful.
Thanks in advance
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Aug 10th, 2018, 17:13 PM   #2
I saw a naturopath for a while and I swear by that approach. She did do some homeopathic care but also had a lot of knowledge and wisdom around which western medicine approaches would be reasonable. Iíve been taking my kids to a pediatrician who works with naturopaths and it changes the care they receive on a fundamental level. I trust her 100% because she knows so much about both approaches.

Best case scenario for me is having a ďtraditionalĒ doctor who works with naturopaths and homeopaths, or alternatively a naturopath who knows about the parts of traditional medicine that actually make sense. The biggest barrier to that for ke (Iím in the US) is insurance, which is too bad... but if itís an option for you I highly recommend pursuing that kind of care.

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Aug 10th, 2018, 18:00 PM   #3
I use some homeopathic remedies for myself like lavender or clove oil for pain works a treat for me so if it's something you believe in id say go for it

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